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Formika helped with design and mechanical development of two Corpatch® products, a trainer and a single use sensor unit providing live feedback when performing CPR during cardiac arrest. A main challenge was to integrate delicate electronics with various sensors into a very compact design which can withstand the high forces applied during CPR. After thorough prototyping and testing a solution was reached for both the single use product, and the trainer which needs to cope with a very high cycle count.

What does Corpatch® do?
CorPatch® prepares and empowers people to act during a cardiac arrest. What to do when a loved one is not breathing and lies unconscious on the ground? This is an extremely stressful situation, where chances of survival decrease for every minute the brain lacks blood and oxygen. CorPatch® aims to reduce insecurities and guide people to perform quality CPR from the first crucial minutes. CorPatch® and the free app guides to check for life signs, call 1-1-2, and perform CPR using a unique feedback system.
The single use sensor measures only 32x32mm and is carried as a key hanger, immediately ready to use when needed.

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Client: SmartResQ
Date: Ongoing