Ampa Medical

Ampa Medical has developed the InterPoc™ which is a discreet alternative to the stoma bag, designed for people with an ileostomy.

InterPoc™ absorbs and contains the intestinal waste inside the intestine instead of collecting it in an external bag which is a widely used solution invented in the 1950’ies.

InterPoc™ has an internal tampon-like part which is inserted in the stoma where it expands into the intestine, and an external part which is a combined cover and waste collection bag with an integrated odor filter.

With InterPoc™ users get a safe and comfortable experience with increased freedom to move as they please.

Formika works with Ampa Medical’s product design, engineering and production solutions, prototyping, testing, sourcing, and regulatory compliance.

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Athlee is an underwater camera system for training competition level swimmers. The system broadcasts a live feed to a monitor providing instant video feedback to the trainer and the swimmer. The system can also be used for additional video feed for the audience in swim stadiums.

The founders of Athlee are Thomas Terney and Anders Sandfuss who won the Danish Tech Challenge 2020 with Athlee.

Formika has an ongoing collaboration with Athlee helping with design, prototyping, mechanical engineering, sourcing, and production optimization.

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Volt provides power for your smartphone during festivals and events. Their service is based on high quality, realiable power banks which can be exchanged very quickly during the festival as often as needed. No wating in line, just power.

Formika helped Volt with an ergonomic and durable redesign, and sourcing of the power banks inner components. The new batch of power banks was introduced on Roskilde Festival 2019 and provided festival goers with a stable source of power for their phones.

Camera Gear

Formika developed this featherweight shoulder rig system – Modulus – with Aeoncine to be completely tool-less and modular. The minimalistic and sleek design contains very few parts compared to other shoulder rigs, but with more functionality. Simplicity makes for a sturdier product which is intuitively operated as the product is self-explanatory. Weight is highly reduced without compromising strength by using aircraft-grade aluminum and a highly engineered slim design based on FEM analysis and real life destructive testing. The rig is sturdy and rigid even with a large and heavy camera like the Arri Alexa and it will fold up in a very tight space for transportation. Main features of the Modulus are:

• Ultra lightweight.
• Modular construction throughout the design with a new clamp system allowing for instant, one-handed detachment or reconfiguration.
• Ground breaking patent pending ball joint design allows for effortless repositioning of handles with a clamp lock.
• Ergonomic handles with symmetry in two directions allowing for grabbing from both sides.

Bridge Company

Formika helped Bridge Company expand their product line with the Select model and mechanical optimization of the Premium model. Below is a few renderings of the products and some drawings from the design process.

The Bridge+More solution includes an automated card dealer and reader for bridge games. The dealer keeps track of players, tables, and scores in the cloud. Bridge games consist of a number of tables each with four players who play a number of boards. Bridge+More makes it easy for all boards to play same hands in real time. Results are presented and streamed for each board and also for the game in real time. Simple, easy, and more fun.

Bed Bike

Formika helped Lemco engineer, design and produce this bike for hospital beds helping people in dialysis or recovering from surgery in hospitals maintain strength and blood circulation. The bike is super compact and clamps directly onto the bed’s frame with its versatile rubber mount which doubles as a carrying handle. The Bed Bike uses a flywheel for smoothing out momentum and an adjustible magnetic brake system to create resistance while being completely silent. The product is designed, engineered and built from scratch in Denmark with precision mechanics for a smooth, noiseless ride.

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3C Patch® by Reapplix is an autologous product, meaning it is made from the patient’s own blood. No additives are needed to create a robust autologous leukocyte and platelet rich fibrin patch to place directly onto non-healing wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers, leg ulcers and mechanically or surgically debrided wounds.

Formika helped Reapplix with illustrations and renderings to help explain the blood centrifuge’s mechanics and how the blood patch is formed by the device.


Airofit is a respiratory training system that consists of a breathing trainer and a mobile application. The system provides you with tested training programs that are proven to improve your physical performance by up to 15% within just 8 weeks, training only 5-10 minutes twice a day. Clinical studies show 30% respiratory muscle growth after completion of a training regime with Airofit.

Formika is in charge of design, engineering, mechanical solutions, renderings and animations, prototyping, testing, sourcing, project management, regularory compliance, and production management.

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Roto Health

ROTO is a compact snap-on device for insulin pens which helps to improve diabetics’ blood sugar level and to avoid injection scarring. Diabetics often suffer from a poorly controlled blood sugar level due to a speciel kind of scar tissue which appears after injecting a needle into the same skin area time after time. This scarring – lipohypertrophy – blocks the insulin from properly entering the blood stream which provoces the use of ever higher dosis and loss of a stable blood suger level.

ROTO advices the optimal injection location for each injection, quickly and intuitively. ROTO also records your injections’ location, time, and dosis. Because of this healthcare staff and doctors are able to monitor and customize the optimal injection pattern for the individual patient.

Formika has a partnership with Roto Health and is responsible for product design, user interface, mechanic design, production, materials, and sourcing.

Below are some examples from the design process showing the design steps and prototyping in pursuit of a compact and intiutive product which has a minimal impact with the user’s usual interaction with the injection pen while adding a lot of functionality and intelligence.


HERCULES by Rollocam is a pocket-size, motorized camera system that creates cinematic dolly shots and motion control time-lapses.
Formika helped Rollocam with renderings, packaging design, and illustrations for the user manual.