Roto Health

ROTO is a compact snap-on device for insulin pens which helps to improve diabetics’ blood sugar level and to avoid injection scarring. Diabetics often suffer from a poorly controlled blood sugar level due to a speciel kind of scar tissue which appears after injecting a needle into the same skin area time after time. This scarring – lipohypertrophy – blocks the insulin from properly entering the blood stream which provoces the use of ever higher dosis and loss of a stable blood suger level.

ROTO advices the optimal injection location for each injection, quickly and intuitively. ROTO also records your injections’ location, time, and dosis. Because of this healthcare staff and doctors are able to monitor and customize the optimal injection pattern for the individual patient.

Formika has a partnership with Roto Health and is responsible for product design, user interface, mechanic design, production, materials, and sourcing.

Below are some examples from the design process showing the design steps and prototyping in pursuit of a compact and intiutive product which has a minimal impact with the user’s usual interaction with the injection pen while adding a lot of functionality and intelligence.

Visual Identity

A good corporate visual identity provides a companty or an organisation with recognizability. For virtually all organisations it is of vital importance that people know that it exists and remember its name and core business.
Formika designs CVIs with a simple, contrasty, and iconic look – challenging an old CVI or designing for a newborn company – always with the client at the wheel.

Construction Toy

Modular Construction
Toys for Cool Kids