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Ampa Medical has developed the InterPoc™ which is a discreet alternative to the stoma bag, designed for people with an ileostomy.

InterPoc™ absorbs and contains the intestinal waste inside the intestine instead of collecting it in an external bag which is a widely used solution invented in the 1950’ies.

InterPoc™ has an internal tampon-like part which is inserted in the stoma where it expands into the intestine, and an external part which is a combined cover and waste collection bag with an integrated odor filter.

With InterPoc™ users get a safe and comfortable experience with increased freedom to move as they please.

Formika works with Ampa Medical’s product design, engineering and production solutions, prototyping, testing, sourcing, and regulatory compliance.

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Airofit is a respiratory training system that consists of a breathing trainer and a mobile application. The system provides you with tested training programs that are proven to improve your physical performance by up to 15% within just 8 weeks, training only 5-10 minutes twice a day. Clinical studies show 30% respiratory muscle growth after completion of a training regime with Airofit.

Formika is in charge of design, engineering, mechanical solutions, renderings and animations, prototyping, testing, sourcing, project management, regularory compliance, and production management.

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To be competitive in today’s market it is required to have credible visualizations to convince customers or investors that your product, building or idea is worth investing in. In a collaboration with us visualizations are a natural part of the communication with the client to help understand e.g. mechanics. This means that Formika’s clients accumulate a catalogue of design ideas and mechanical solutions along the way. When a product is ready to produce we will make final, stunning renderings for presentations, marketing, or user manuals.

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